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Ability Consignment - Web Reporting Module - Annual Subscription

Allows Consignors to view inventory online and see what has sold and what is left in inventory.
Manufacturer: Ability Business

Web Based Reporting

As a consignment store owner you know how important the relationship between you and your consigners is to your business. Why not allow them to feel more integrated with your business?  Our sales reporting website shows consigners what items of theirs have been sold and lets them know payment is pending.

If you are already using our consignment software, updating your reporting website is seamless; just press the Update button and let our software do the rest! Each consigner will be able to log into the website using their email address and view what items have recently sold, as well as items still in inventory at the store.

We will set up your website upon request as long as you currently have a licensed copy of Ability Consignment. Every business will have a custom web address so we ask that you give us a call to set up the websites so we can gather all the information we need to get you up and running.

  • 1 Month Free Trial
  • Only $499.00 first year hosting fee, each additional year only $199 after the trial ends
  • No contracts