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Ability Financial Exchange

Syncs inventory from POS to QB Financial. For FIFO you must use QuickBooks Enterprise.

NEW!! Ability Financial Exchange for QBES and QBPOS 10-18



1st Store: $1,999.00 1st year (Renewal Years $998.00)

Add Stores: $200.00 1st year/Additional Store (Renewal Years $100.00/yr/additional Store)


MONTHLY PRICING OPTION (*1 Year Agreement Required): 

1st Store: $180.00/Month  

Add Stores: $18.00/Month per Additional Store


*If subscription is cancelled within the year, you will be billed the full year

**Prices are valid for new installations with no existing data. A data conversion fee will apply to move existing data.



Orders are typically processed within 2 hours. You will receive an email with your license included.

Technical Support will need to install this software for you to ensure correct setup. Please call 866-992-2454 and press "4" to schedule a time.


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Standard Intuit Financial/Store Exchange

Ability Financial Exchange              

Real Time Sync

❌ Store exchange must be manually initiated or scheduled for a once-daily exchange.

POS must be running for store exchange to occur.

❌ Financial Exchange cannot be automatically scheduled.

✅ Financial & Store Exchange can be scheduled to occur every 5 minutes. POS does not need to be running.

Maximum Number Of Stores

⚠️ 1 HQ + 19 remote locations

✅ Unlimited number of remote locations

✅ Stores are configured to show inventory from specified nearby stores only (up to 18)

Customer List

⚠️ Customer list syncs to HQ which then syncs to remote stores. Customers have reported issues with updated balances not syncing to remote stores properly.

✅ Fully automatic with correct balances syncing to all stores.

Item List-Sync Between Stores

Item List-Use QuickBooks Item List

❌ Not supported - POS keeps its inventory separate

✅ Uses QuickBooks Item list. With QBES Platinum, multiple locations are tracked with QB and synced to each store appropriately.

Financial Detail

Summary - Sales documents are consolidated by tax code with no item detail. Customer information is included only if the sale was paid “on account".

Detail - Receipts are not consolidated and include item detail and the customer name (if the Use With QuickBooks flag is selected in the customer record).

✅  Full - One-to-one syncing. Each transaction in POS equals one transaction in QB. All details are preserved as if the transaction had been manually created in QB.

🔵 Summary - Sales are tallied into a single daily receipt or invoice per customer, but with line detail intact. (Coming in a future release)

Sales Tax

⚠️  Sales Tax must be configured at HQ and mapped to QB manually to ensure proper reporting.

✅ Sales Tax is configured in QuickBooks. Each store has a designated default tax location. This eliminates issues with non-taxable/exempt reporting.


Pricing is handled at QBPOS HQ. Store exchange must be processed at HQ and remote store for pricing changes to take effect.

Pricing is handled within QBES. Pricing changes are near-instant with Real Time Sync.

Price Management

QBPOS Price Manager for managing sales / price changes.

No automated pricing change support at this time as all pricing is set in QB.

Price Levels

1 Regular + 4 alternate price levels

🔵 Each store can be mapped to a different QB price level. The alternate price levels can also be mapped to different QB price levels. (Coming in a future release)

Sales Orders

❌  Sales orders do not sync to QB or between stores

✅ Sales orders can be configured to sync between QB and the desired store.

✅ Sales order can be created at one store and automatically transferred to another store.

🔵  Full sales order/layaway/work order sync between stores could be added in the future.

End of Day

❌  Does not sync drawer counts.

🔵  Automatically sync drawer counts (over/short) to QB (coming in a future release)


✅  QBPOS Rewards Manager

✅  Rewards Sync to other stores

🔵  Rewards Manager functions, but earned rewards do not sync to other stores. Coming in a future release.


⚠️ Detailed reporting must be done in POS

✅  Reporting is done in QB.

⚠️ Reporting can still be run in POS, but will be missing data that was not entered directly in the POS file.

Intuit Payments Reconcile

✅  Same features; a (free) payments account must be enabled and connected to QB.

Employee/Security List Sync

❌ Not supported

🔵 Coming in a future release

Time Clock

✅  Time clock entries are synced to QB if the employee is named correctly in POS.

🔵 Coming with Employee List Sync feature.

Mobile Sync

⚠️ Only supported at “HQ” store

⚠️ Technically might work at each store if it is configured as standalone/HQ. Untested.

Quantity Adjustment

✅  POS Only

✅  Quantity adjustments can be entered in POS or QB.

Physical Inventory

✅  POS Only

✅  Quantity adjustments can be entered in POS or QB.

Cost Adjustment

❌  Enter a cost adjustment in QB instead or correct the original document that has invalid pricing.

Purchase Orders

✅  POS Only

✅  Purchase orders can be created in QB or POS. (They do not sync.)


⚠️  Receiving can only be completed in POS.

⚠️  Creates a “summary” entry in QB

⚠️  Receiving errors require reversal and re-entering of voucher.

✅  Receiving can be done in QB or POS.

✅  Creates a detailed item receipt/bill in QB

✅  Receiving errors can be corrected in QB instead of reversing and re-entering vouchers in POS.

Assembly Items

⚠️  POS assembly items are difficult to use

❌  POS Assembly items are not supported currently.

✅  QB assembly items can be built normally in QB.

✅  QB assembly items then sync to POS as regular items and can be sold.

🔵  May add support for mapping QB Assemblies to POS Assemblies in the future.

Version Support

All stores must be on the same version & release

✅  Supports mismatched versions. Stores can be on different versions (V10 through V18).