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Ability Handheld Receiving for QuickBooks Point of Sale

Scan incoming items with an inventory scanner and quickly create a receiving voucher in POS.
Manufacturer: Ability Business

Ability Handheld Receiving for QuickBooks Point of Sale

Easily scan incoming product using your physical inventory scanner, review data and generate a Receiving Voucher in QuickBooks Point of Sale*. 

Download the trial here.

Physical Inventory Scanner Sold Separately.  Check out the CipherLab 8000 here.

*Due to Intuit development constraints, we cannot attach the scanned items to a purchase order in QuickBooks Point of Sale.

The software is supplied as a licensed add-on with a yearly subscription fee of $99.00 per year/per station for continued service, support, updates and use of Ability Handheld Receiving.

30 Day Trial

Coming Soon
  • This software requires a valid, registered copy of QuickBooks Point of Sale.
  • The following versions are supported: QuickBooks Point of Sale v9, v10, v11 (2013), v12, V18
  • An active internet connection is required at all times to utilize our software.


Click here to review the Ability Handheld Receiving infographic. 
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Ability Handheld Receiving software? 


A: Ability Handheld Receiving is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that works with QuickBooks Point of Sale and a physical inventory scanner so that you can quickly scan incoming product/items from a vendor, review data, apply quantity scans. Ability Handheld Receiving will then automatically create a held Receiving Voucher in QuickBooks Point of Sale. 


Q: Can I apply the received items to a Purchase Order? 


A: Unfortunately, due to Intuit's development constraints, we cannot tie to a Purchase Order.


Q: When scanning my products, can I scan products from multiple vendors?  


A: You can only scan one vendors group of products at a time.  


Q: Can I try Ability Handheld? 


A: You sure can!  Download the trial here.  


Q: What is included with my subscription? 


A: Great question!  Support, training and updates are included with your annual subscription price.  Need support, call our team at 866.992.2454 and press 4 for support.