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Ability Over/Short for QuickBooks Point of Sale - FREE

A Valuable FREE Add-On for QuickBooks Point of Sale. Accurately record your QuickBooks Point of Sale end-of-drawer counts to QuickBooks Financial, without making any manual entries.
Manufacturer: Ability Business

A valuable FREE add on for QuickBooks Point of Sale

As there is currently no transfer of cash over/short information to QuickBooks from QuickBooks Point of Sale, Ability Business is providing this free add in to allow you to make entries that will be recorded properly into QuickBooks without making general journal entries or transfers from account to account within QuickBooks.

The Cash Over/Short* amount will be properly transferred from the Cash in Drawer account to the Cash Over/Short expense account.


If you fill in the amount to be deposited, that amount will be transferred from the Cash In Drawer account to the Undeposited funds account.

If you record the over/short amount for each drawer count, and put the name of the clerk in the note field it will send that information into the memo field in the Cash Over/Short Account Journal entry in QuickBooks. This may be helpful in keeping track of the performance of the clerks in handling the cash.

*BEFORE using this add in, you must establish a ‘Cash Over/Short’ account in your QuickBooks® chart of accounts. It must be named exactly as noted here.

Download the Ability Over/Short

  • QuickBooks® Point of Sale v9, v10, 2013 (v11), v12, v18
  • QuickBooks Pro or Premier 2006 or later
  • QuickBooks Enterprise v6 or later
  • This add-on must be installed on same computer that serves as the database server for both QuickBooks Financial and QuickBooks Point of Sale.
  • Uses the default QuickBooks Financial accounts Cash in Drawer, Undeposited Funds and the user added Cash Over/Short expense account.
Ability Over/Short is completely free!
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