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Intuit Full Service Payroll

Payroll done for you. Payroll done right.
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Payroll Done Right

  • Instant paychecks and free direct deposit
  • We handle payroll taxes and filings for you
  • Error-free paychecks and taxes guaranteed
  • Free live support from payroll experts
Full Service Payroll Features

Worry-free… you enter the hours and we do the rest.

  • Complete payroll setup—done for you
  • Data transfer from previous provider
  • Instant paychecks
  • Free direct deposit & year-end W-2s
  • We file and pay your payroll taxes for you
  • Keep your payroll tax money until it's due
  • Get instant alerts with our Error Detection Technology
  • Guaranteed error–free paychecks and payroll taxes
  • Integrates with QuickBooks
  • Free live support from payroll experts
  • Run payroll from your iPad, iPhone, or Android phone
All You Need to Know About Using an Online Payroll Service

With payroll, timing is everything. You have to pay your employees on time, pay the IRS on time, and file all the right payroll tax forms with government agencies on time to stay compliant. This adds up to a lot of your time spent crunching numbers and stressing over deadlines, which is why many small business owners turn the job over to an online payroll service.

How to Calculate and Manage Payroll | QuickBooks

Paying your employees accurately and on time is about more than being a good employer; it's the law. Because your payroll expense is probably the largest expense you have, keeping track of it is vitally important. Below we'll review how to calculate payroll, including gross wages, taxes and benefits.

5 Payroll Mistakes You Might Be Making | QuickBooks

Payroll is about more than getting the numbers right. Implement good payroll practices now and you can save yourself from back taxes, IRS penalties, and even lawsuits. Even if you use a third-party payroll service, you're still the one responsible for following federal and state regulations.

4 Easy Steps for Handling Your Company's Payroll | QuickBooks

Payroll processing can provoke no shortage of headaches for those new to small-business ownership. Setting up your company's payroll - from computing employee taxes to establishing routine pay periods - can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to leave you perpetually frazzled and frustrated.

Outsourcing Your HR With the Latest Technology

Human resource departments have long been the backbone of successful businesses. They help with hiring, firing, discipline and advice. Since employees are a company's most valuable resource, having expertise on that aspect of running a business is crucial to success. Smaller businesses, however, often start and grow without the help of an HR staff member