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QuickBooks Advanced Inventory Add-On

  Advanced Inventory for QuickBooks Enterprise                                                 

The Intuit Advanced Inventory add-on works right in QuickBooks Enterprise with the same user interface. No counting, no workarounds, no spreadsheets, no more exporting. There’s no need for separate software or data integration.

Bin Location Tracking

Track specific inventory items down to the bin location level within one or more warehouses. When filling out forms, automatically see quantities and serial or lot numbers for each bin. Sort pick lists and item receipts by location for efficient picking and stocking.

Barcode Scanning

Increase efficiency and reliability for all inventory data entry by scanning items and serial numbers without touching a keyboard — QuickBooks automatically puts the information into the right field. If you don't have barcodes, QuickBooks will create them for you. Integrates with any simple USB barcode scanner.

FIFO Costing

Now you have the flexibility to work in FIFO costing in addition to average costing for tracking inventory. Easily switch between costing methods whenever you want.

Serial Number or Lot Tracking

Conveniently track serial numbers or lot numbers right inside QuickBooks.

Enter serial numbers and lots at the time of purchase, transfer, or sale - this means no extra data entry is required for reliable tracking.

With the new recall report, you can track defective lots through assemblies and subassemblies, in stock on shelves, and customer purchases.

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